PySizer - a memory profiler for Python

PySizer is a memory usage profiler for Python code.

Warning: I haven't had much time to work on PySizer recently. Another (better-maintained) project with the same aim is Heapy.


You can get version 0.1.1 in tar.gz or zip format.

There's a win32 build for Python 2.4 here.

0.1.1 has bugfixes to 0.1 - in particular, a nasty bug which meant that copy and filterd were more or less broken. Also, it should work under Python 2.3 (but it hasn't been tested much) and under Windows, though I quietly put those two into 0.1 anyway.

The source is kept using Subversion at, and you can browse the source here too. The SVN head is broken at the moment, though.



See here.


There's a tutorial here.

There's some automatically-generated documentation here.

Both of these come with the release.

You can find some information about the internals of the profiler here.

Bugs, feature requests, problems, anything else

You can contact me at